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President’s Corner

GGI LogoI want to thank everyone for their hard work and making the 2011 Greensboro Gymnastics Invitational such a huge success!! We more than doubled our number of athletes from last year which is amazing.  Can you imagine what our numbers will be next year?

We have already begun preparations for our 3rd Annual GGI, so mark your calendars for February 10-12, 2012.  If you are interested in being on the planning committee for next year, please send me an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Many teams are heading into the big meets to wrap up the meet season.  Good luck to all the team members on their upcoming State, Regional and National Meets!

I want to thank all the parents for their support and patience with all the changes this year.  If you ever have any questions, please let us know.  You can email me directly or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

After the meet season, we will be having a team get together.  We will send out details as it gets closer.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun spring break next month!!

Take Care,
Susan Kusnitz
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Responsible Parenting Tip

The nature of gymnastics demands quite a bit of focus and practice, which is a lot to demand from kids, some as young as 6! As parents and coaches we have to recognize that they need to move their bodies in different ways and try different things. In the "off" season, encourage a break from the norm.... a school running club, weight lifting, yoga... spark your athletes interest in something else, and even better, find something that you can do together! In the end, it will make them better all around athletes, and keep them happy in their chosen sport.




Greensboro Gymnastics Invitational 2011

We are closing the books on our second annual successful Greensboro Gymnastics Invitational!

As you know, our teams work hard all year long, and they really look forward to this event that we host.  It marks the end of a competitive season for some, and the beginning for others, but is the highlight for Flip Force athletes.  Much was accomplished this year with your generous support.

Thank you to each of our team parents for your commitment and help.  Here are some of the highlights from this year’s meet:


  • We had over 1,400 athletes registered this year.  Last year we had 700;
  • Competition began on Friday afternoon Feb. 11th and ended Sunday evening Feb. 13th;
  • We had approximately 250 coaches and judges;
  • We had 64 gyms representing 8 states from the Mid Atlantic region;
  • In addition to our coordinating committee of 25, we had 332 - four hour volunteer shifts filled by Flip Force parents and volunteers from the community through the Volunteer Center of Greensboro;
  • Our charity event, Gymnasts Curing Kids’ Cancer raised $3,505 for  Brenner Children’s Hospital Pediatric Cancer Program; and the Flip Force


Booster Club netted a profit of approximately $10,000!

Below is one of many comments we have had from parents and coaches that attended the GGI.

GGI Meet Team,
Just wanted to let everyone know that we greatly enjoyed GGI.  This was our first year attending and everyone from our Little AAU Lv2 cuties to our older USAG gymnasts loved the meet.  It was great for our AAU team to have the opportunity to compete at a large meet.  Parents loved it as well.  I really feel like the short sessions and variety of sports to watch made the meet unique!  Thanks for a great weekend!  I even got to take my kids to the circus!  LOVED THAT IT WAS THE SAME WEEKEND!!!

Thank you again for your time and efforts towards making it a successful meet!
Judy Jay




Trampoline and Tumbling

Trampoline and Tumbling is just getting started, with its busiest season yet to come.  The Greensboro Gymnastics Invitational is behind us with many great finishes by our athletes.  First place finishers  in Double Mini include Nicholas Minney, Junior Elite; Emily Bird, level  6;  Victoria Briggs,  level 6;  Shiloh Lovette, level 7;  Ashlyn Stone, level 8;  Emily Virga, level 8;  Michaela McKinley, level  8; and Makenzie Evans, level 9.

First place Trampoline finishers include Amanda Boscia, level 6; Cheyenne Hurley, level 6; Courtney Michaels, level 6;  Michaela McKinley, level  8; and  Emily Virga, level 9.

First place Tumblers include Rebecca Tate, level 10; Anna Maria Keating, level 4; Courtney Michaels, level 5; Shiloh Lovette, level 6; and Mackenzie Evans, level 8.  Congratulations to all these athletes!

TNT also has several upcoming competitions including the Fairland meet in Laurel, MD, March 26-27th followed quickly by TNT Power Explosion in Hickory, NC, April 1st.  Then the State Championships will take place in Jamestown, NC on April 15-16th. Regional Championships will be held in Gatlinburg, TN on May 21 and 22. The Trampoline and Tumbling Jr. Olympic National Championships and the Visa National Championships are scheduled for mid-July in San Antonio, Texas.

Also, in TNT news, Nicholas Minney, level Jr. Elite just competed in an Elite qualifying meet in Houston, TX March 4-6th.  At this meet he was able to qualify for Visa Championships in trampoline.  This was Nicholas’ first elite meet and he placed 22 out of 42 elite tumblers.  He will also compete in the second elite qualifier in Fort Worth, TX April 28-May 1st, where he plans to qualify for double mini as well.   Good Luck Nicholas!




Men’s Team 2011 Season

Our Flip Force guys have had a busy season, now getting ready for State Championships to be held in Raleigh the weekend of March 11.  We wish all of our guys the very best, and that they have a safe and fun experience!   Leading up to this point, the season began in November at Foothills Gymnastics in Hickory NC, with the Boudreaux Classic (NC Judge's Cup).

Next, our compulsory boys participated in the 2nd qualifier at Blue Ridge Gymnastics in Martinsville, VA in December. Highlights include:

Christopher Ganser L7:  1F, 1PH, 1R, 1V, 1PB, 1HB, 1AA.
Nicholas Brown L6: 4th on floor, Wyatt Coon L6 1 floor, 1 ph, 1 rings, 1 vault, 3 PB, 4 HB, 1AA.
Joseph Willey L5R:  1 F, 1 PH, 2R, 2V, 2PH, 2HB, 1AA.
Nehemiah Baker L4: 1F, 2PH, 2R, 1V, 1PB, 1HP, 1AA.
Rycor Coon L5R: 2F, 3PH, 1R, 1V, 1PB, 1HB, 2AA.
Garrett Applegate L4:  3F, 1PH, 2R, 1PB, 2AA.
Blake Freeman L5:   2PH, 3V, 1PB, 3HB, 3AA.
Benjamin Hudson L6:   2F, 3PB, 4AA.
Ryan Kincaid L4:  4PH, 4R, 4PB, 6AA.

January and February were extremely active months, starting with the 3rd qualifier Cabarrus County meet in Concord, NC.

Next up, our men attended Flip Fest Invitational in Knoxville TN.   Highlights include:

Mitchell Gornto L9: 2F, 1R, 2V, 1PB, 4HB, 1AA
Mark Wakefield L8: 6F, 7PH, 9R, 4V, 1PB, 5HB, 2AA. 
Blake Young L10: 2F, 6PH, 3R, 4V, 1PB, 4HB, 3AA. 
Ryan Kincaid L4: F, 5PH, 4AA.
Corey Matthews L9: 3F, 2R, 2V, 5AA.   
Parker Amick L8: 4F, 2PH, 6R, 6V, 11PB, 6AA.  
Wayne Conley III L10: 7F, 2R, 5HB, 7AA. 
Samuel Kusnitz L10: 3F, 4PB, 9AA in his first comeback invitational following shoulder recovery!

Back in NC the men attended the 4th Qualifier at Zenith Gymnastics in Charlotte, NC.

In early February, two of our men, Mitchell Gornto and Blake Young travelled to Las Vegas NV for the Black Jack, the largest national Invitational.  Here are those meet stats:

Mitchell Gornto L9:  19F, 15PH, 10R, 32V, 10PB, 9HB, 9AA. 
Blake Young L10:  18F, 21PH, 9R, 11V, 21PB, 25HB, 14AA.

Next up, was the Greensboro Gymnastics Invitational Feb. 12th. This was the second annual meet sponsored by Flip Force Gymnastics and the largest meet in the state.

The meet doubled in size from last year.  Men's Highlights include:

Blake Young L10: 2F, 1R, 2PH, 1V, 1PB, 1AA.
Mitchell Gornto L9: 7F, 4PH, 4V, 1R, 2PB, 2HB, 1AA.
Mark Wakefield L8: 2F, 1PH, 8R, 3V, 1PB, 3HB, 1AA.
Wyatt Coon L6: 7F, 1PH, 1R, 12V, 1PB, 7HB, 2AA.
Samuel Kusnitz L10:  2F, 8PH, 1R, 4V, 2PB, 2HB, 3AA.
Walker Anthony L10:  7F, 5PH, 2R, 7V, 4PB, 1HB, 3AA.
Payton Amick L10: 2F, 6PH, 6R, 9V, 7PB, 1HB, 4AA.

Christopher Ganser L7: 3F, 4PH, 1R, 1V, 4PB, 1HB, 4AA.
Nehemiah Baker L5: 5F, 4PH, 4R, 1V, 10PB, 13HB, 4AA.
Wayne Conley III L10:  5F, 9PH, 3R, 5V, 4PB, 3HB, 5AA.
Taylor Timmons L5: 16F, 2PH, 2R, 13V, 1PB, 6HB, 5AA.

Also competing at the GGI for Flip Force were level 5s: Taylor Timmons, Nehemiah Baker, Rycor Coon & Joseph Willey - all receiving 5th place Team Award.  AND level 6s: Nicholas Brown, Blake Freeman, Ben Hudson & Watt Coon also receiving 5th place team award!

As their final tune up before states many of our boys traveled to Atlanta for the 2011Justin Spring Peachtree Men's Invitational, Feb. 25th thru 27th.

Team Results: L10 and L8 took 3rd Place.

Additional highlights:

Mark Wakefield L8: 1PH, 1PB, 2AA.
Sam Kusnitz L10: 3F, 3PB, 3AA.
Quinn Whitaker L8: 3PB, 2HB, 4AA.
Blake Young L10: 4F, 5AA.
Mitchell Gornto L9: 3HB, 5AA.




Girls Team

The GGI was a huge success for the girls’ gymnastics team!  Four girls took a 1st place All Around at the event.  We had 25 girls competing in levels 4 though 10.

Starting with the level 4’s Natalie Aker was 1st on Floor and had a 1st place All Around with a 36.225! Competing level 4 were: Lacy Wood taking 2nd on Floor and 6th All Around,

Mabe taking 2nd on Vault and 7th All Around,  Hannah True taking 7th All Around, and Alyse Miller with a 9th All Around.

The team took the 3rd place team award.  Way to go level 4!

Level 5’s had Reagan Cottrell taking 1st on Bars, Floor, and All Around with a 36.475!  Also competing level 5 were: Arielle Eure taking 2nd on Vault, 1st on Floor and 3rd All Around, Clare Hughes having a 2nd on Bars, 1st on Floor and 3rd All Around, Lauren Carrera 2nd on Vault and Floor and 4th All Around, Kinsey Lloyd had a 4th on Floor and 6th All Around, Kerry O’Connor had4th on Floor and 5th All Around, and Josie Murray was 8th All Around. The team took the 1st place award. Awesome results level 5!

The level 6’s had two girls taking 1st.  Mattison Leahy taking 1st on Vault, Beam, Floor and All Around with 35.675 and Hannah Lentz taking 1st on Floor and All Around with a 35.650!  Competing level 6 were: Lindsay Mann having 3rd on Vault, Beam, and All Around,  Anna Bolchalk having 2nd on Vault and Bars and 5th All Around, Ashlyn Craddock taking 3rd on Bars and 7th All Around, Brenna Boozer taking 7th All Around, and Lauren Mann taking 8th  All Around.

The team took the 1st place award.  Be proud level 6’s.

Level 7’s  had Jade Jotcham with 1st on Vault and 6th All Around, Mekayla Sayre with 7th All Around, and Madison Lentz with a 2nd on Vault, 1st on Floor, and 4th All Around.

Level 8’s had Emilie Holloway, 2nd on Beam and 7th All Around and Leanna Lawson taking 9th All Around.  No team award was given.  That was great level 8.

Haley Steelman our level 10, was 3rd on Bars, Beam and 4th All Around.  Good job Haley!

Arien Stainback and Chris Young, coaches, were very proud of all the girls.


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Gymnasts Curing Kids Cancer! Print E-mail

Curing Kids Cancer LogoNEW this year at the Greensboro Gymnastic Invitational is the kick off of GYMNASTS CURING KIDS CANCER!  Flip Force Gymnastics is teaming up with Curing Kids Cancer, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to raise both money and awareness to find cures for all types of childhood cancers.  This charity raises funds for cutting edge pediatric cancer research through fundraising efforts.  Donations are shared with research hospitals across the United States.    After one of our own gymnast was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 we have come to realize how many other gyms have been touched with this horrific disease.  We have also learned that childhood cancer research is the least funded program in the U.S.A.  Flip Force Gymnastics recognizes what a wonderful opportunity we have to join together to help cure kids cancer!

We invite you to help us turn this killer disease into a curable one!  You can start collecting donations for Gymnasts Curing Kids Cancer today!  We will have a water jug near the front desk for athletes and parents to drop their change into each day!  Every penny counts!

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Greensboro Gymnastics Invitational Update Print E-mail

The Greensboro Gymnastics Invitational committee has been hard at work preparing for our 2nd annual GGI!  Last year we had approx. 700 athletes and this year we are anticipating over 1,000 athletes!   Our Friday night show will “kick off” a great two days of competition.  Admission to the meet Friday will be a donation to our benefit Gymnasts Curing Kids Cancer!   A volunteer sign up sheet will be e-mailed out to all team parents and posted at the gym after the Holidays.    This year we will need 300 volunteers working a 4 hour volunteer slot.

Welcome to the Flip Force Gymnastics Booster Club! Print E-mail

We, the parents, family, and friends of Flip Force athletes formed the Flip Force Booster Club to aid in the personal development and provide direct benefit to each member of the competitive Flip Force Gymnastics teams. The Booster Club helps the gymnasts by subsidizing certain expenses incurred in pursuit of the sport and the regional, national, and international competitions.

The Flip Force Booster Club engages in fundraising activities, individual donations, corporate sponsorships and co-sponsoring competitive gymnastic meets.

The formation of the Booster Club allows us the opportunity to express pride in our athletes and coaches. With the athletic ability and beauty of the sport, we appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the training process for Olympic hopefuls and assisting in some small way, by helping with the financing of their dreams.

Team and Club


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